Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

The terms are the conditions on which service is being delivered, while the privacy policy explains to users what will and will not be done with their information.

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What is a Privacy Policy?

Privacy Policy is generally the legal record or report that manages the data collected by a website or an app from the users. The website owners should specify what data they will be collecting from the users and how such data is used and applied. The personal data provided on the website or mobile application can be at times misused unless otherwise it is regulated and directed. So every website or application must have measures to protect such data and that's what privacy policies explain.

Privacy policy usually consists of the following elements:
What will be there in the website?

The policy will simply mention the information required by the website such as name, email id, contact number, etc, according to the preference of the service/product.

What Did They do with the information collected?

Each policy will have different reasons for collecting the information from the user. Some of the reasons would be for internal recordkeeping, delivering the goods, etc.


Followed by it, there are certain security measures taken to avoid and prevent unauthorized usage or access to the information given by the users. This is a precaution that the other people apart from the legal administrators should access the content.

Cancellation Policy

Sometimes, when you visit some service or product based websites and you place an order online. Suddenly for some reason, you wish to cancel the order. Some websites and apps give you the provision to cancel the order within a limited time. Some websites don't provide you with the option to cancel the placed orders. And in some cases, the website will not allow you to cancel the order placed only on seasonal times like Diwali sale, end of season sale, Christmas time, New year season, etc. Cancellation policy outlines all such terms and conditions about the cancellation of an order (service/product) placed.

Refund Policy

The terms and conditions which refer to the processing of the refund of the customers are called the refund policy. Normally, a refund is being used and is expected in the following two cases :

  • After receiving the product, the return of the product takes place due to the disliking of the product or damaged product or produced the wrong product or any other reason.
  • Cancellation of the order placed on the website/application, for which the payment is already made online.

Refund policy will consist of all the necessary details on how the refund will take place, the process, procedure of it, etc. in a detailed manner.

What are Terms of Service?

The rules and regulations that are attached to a piece of software by the service provider are called the Terms of Service (ToS). It is a legal agreement between the provider of the service and the user who wishes to use it. You can also apply to Web-based services and products. When a piece of software or Web-service of the provider appends regulations to these software or service items, those ordinances are known as the terms of service. Whenever you click service or software, firstly, you will have to agree to the regulations mentioned in the Terms of Service, since ToS is a common agreement that every service will have in this digital growing world.

ToS and End-user licensing agreements (EULA) are very similar. The difference between the two is in the products to which they are attached. EULA is used in software products, such as video games, whereas ToS is applied to people utilizing a service. Terms of service can be used with virtually every type of software, such as programs dedicated to graphic design and word processors.

A ToS agreement can cover a wide range of elements such as:

  • Accountability provisions
  • Privacy policies
  • Opt-out provisions
  • Liability provisions

To draft the best terms of services, you can refer to a professional or a CA or can obtain legal advice too. A term of service agreement can outline a process where the users will help resolve their grievances. Generally, a ToS agreement defines the prohibited user actions i.e. the actions that a user shouldn't be doing. For example, users shouldn't post offensive content. In that regard, a ToS agreement for a specific service would have this mentioned in their terms i.e. offensive content will be prohibited and actions might be taken against. The regulations and conditions depend on each service and website. Not all websites have the same Terms of Service. Typically, a ToS agreement acts as a contract between a service provider and the people or the users who are using the service.


Terms Of Service
All service producers should let their clients know about the conditions below which the services are rendered. To keep things transparent, these conditions are informed through a set of terms-of-service, which lays the boundaries and the legal liaison between both parties.
Privacy Policy
A contract that details and specifies the length to which a person can use your information, acknowledge and manage the same is a Privacy Policy. It verifies the privacy policy for a website, firm or company on accumulating and exposing information about a client or guest.

FAQs of Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Consultants are the go-to people when it comes to advising and expert opinion. A manager can turn to a consultant when they require or need help regarding specific issues. Consultants work as independent professionals who have in-depth knowledge in a particular field. As managers are expected to have experience in various areas, they might not have a lot of understanding when it comes to niche topics. In such instances, they can turn to a consultant who specializes in that particular field or area. The broad purpose of consulting is as follows:

  • Achieve organizational goals and objectives
  • Solve management and business problems that arise while running a firm
  • Identify, seize, and utilize new opportunities
  • Enhance the overall learning and training of employees
  • Implement changes whenever required
  • Look for weaknesses in the organization structure and fix it
  • Improve overall productivity by maximizing efficiency

Many freelancers and consultants end up doing more work than necessary as they want to make the best first impression. Make sure you set the tone early on so that your employers understand your value and what you expect from them. Protect yourself by putting everything in writing and signing a consultant agreement for services. To draft such a contract, you will need to have discussions with your employer, and this will help in laying out some professional boundaries. Quality consultant agreements will be able to protect both the parties involved, and is hence, a boon to both parties. Understand that anyone worth doing business with will have no issues signing a legal document. Therefore, make sure you make a legal commitment with your employer to protect your best interests in the long run.

Paying a little extra in the beginning to have a lawyer look over the consultant agreement is a worthwhile investment in the long term. Beyond all this, make sure you hold your clients accountable as well and also have a system in place to deal with resubmissions and cancellations. Also, remember to set boundaries and refrain from getting too friendly with your clients.

While all types of companies require consulting services, from time to time, certain areas are in demand quite often. Here's a look at the broad categories of consulting and which ones are in need.

Most in-demand categories of consultants

  • Operations consultants
  • Financial consultants
  • Human resources consultants
  • Risk and compliance consultants
  • Strategy consultants

Within these categories, here are the most essential jobs that are always in demand.

  • IT consultant who specializes in programming and analysis.
  • A marketing consultant who works on improving brand strategy and customer engagement and acquisition
  • Financial consultants advise on investments, cutting costs, budgeting, retirement, and business finance matters.
  • Management consultants who help with increasing profits, reducing waste, streamlining operations, and bettering performance.
  • Tax consultants who are certified accountants skilled at filing taxes and revenue service requirements.
  • Social media consultants who help with social media branding and increasing conversion rates.
  • Education consultants who develop curriculums and work on improving educational experiences.

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