Share Purchase Agreement India

Share sale and purchase agreement is between two parties in which the seller agrees to sell the stated number of shares to the buyer at a particular price vice versa.

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Share Purchase Agreement format

Share purchase agreement process
  • Format the document for the share purchase agreement process.
  • At the top of the page insert a proper title for the share purchase agreement.
  • Identify the parties to the sale. There must be a brief description of the identification of the purchaser and the seller at the start of the agreement.
  • There must be an accurate legal description of the property in the agreement.
Purchase price and payment
  • State the purchase price.
  • Identify if any earnest money is deposited.
  • Describe the financing.
  • List the items that are included in the sale.
  • Identify the items that are not listed in the sale.
  • State whether the sale was practised by the buyer, on selling their home.
Describing closing cost
  • State the closing costs, the seller must pay.
  • State closing cost the buyer must pay.
  • State who will pay the taxes.
Describing the inspection process
  • Inspect the buyer to secure an inspection.
  • State whether the sale is contingent on an inquiry.
  • Identify options if the inspection is unsatisfactory.
  • Recommend that the purchaser secures a survey.
Making promises about the property
  • List the seller’s representation.
  • Describe the deed conveyed.
  • Describe how the “risk of loss” passes.
Finalizing the agreement
  • Include a dispute resolution cost.
  • Confirm the time of acceptance and closing.
  • Add the acceptance by the seller.
  • Show your draft agreement to an attorney.

Benefits of Share Purchase Agreement India

Business Alertness
As a vital business habit, share purchase agreement (SPA) is undertaken during the onboarding process of a shareholder.
Secures People Involved
Share purchase agreement India ensures the people concerned are given the opportunity to guard their interests well ahead of the transfer of shares.

Documents Required Share Purchase Agreement India

Share transfer form
After completion, the seller of the shares must handover to the buyer ie a signed share transfer form setting out the shares being transferred and the consideration received.
Share certificate
The company requires to cancel the seller’s existing share certificate and gives new share certificates according to the new shareholdings.
Letter of resignation
If the seller resigns from the company, the seller must hand over the resignation letter prior to or on completion.
Notification to ASIC
Once a share sale has been effected, the company requires to notify the ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) within 28 days of the change. This can be done by Form 484, which is available on the ASIC website.

Share purchase agreement draft

Share purchase agreement India is the main document. It is normally drafted by the buyer although it is common for the seller to produce the first draft on an auction sale. On an auction sale, the first draft is usually prepared by the seller.

What is the information to be included in the share purchase agreement?
  • The purchaser of the shares.
  • The seller of the shares.
  • The company form which shares being sold.
  • The value of shares.
  • The law that governs the agreement.
  • The type of shares that are sold.
Share purchase agreement Process
  • You can have contact from a well efficient lawyer and explain the total process and make them understand the need to share purchase agreement with you.
  • Once the objection of the same is clear, the lawyer shall draft the purchase agreement accordingly.
  • The draft share purchase agreement will be sent to you for your review.
  • Finally, the whole process takes around 3-4 working days.

When you set up purchase sharing, one person in the family, the family organizer accepts to pay for any purchases that family members make while they are part of the family group. When they are asked to buy, they can manage what the family purchases.

  • Name of the company. Purchaser’s name.
  • Par value of shares. (face value of a bond)
  • The number of shares being sold.
  • When/where the transaction takes place.
  • Representations and warranties offered by the purchaser and seller.
  • Potential employee problems, such as rewards and bonuses.

Shares can be transferred from a shareholder to the other person. They might be new or existing shareholders. Shares are assigned by way of gift or sale. Typically, shares are transferred to start a new shareholder.

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