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Professional Tax is levied by the State Government. It is necessary for every business within 1 month of business registration or commencement of business.

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Professional Tax Registration Online

Professional Tax is a tax collected by State Governments from the professionally occupied business entities. A person earning income from salary or professions such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, etc. is required to pay professional tax. For the purpose of this registration, the employers, professionals, traders, etc. come under the purview of registration.

This tax is deducted from the salary of the employer, which is later eligible for deduction from the computation of taxable income. The registration is obtained by the employers and business owners with the respect Municipal Corporation. Being it State based registration, the rate of tax and method of registration is different. Further, there are two types of registrations being – PTEC and PTRC registrations.

Benefits of Professional Tax Registration India

Easy To Comply
When something is easy to comply, it won’t be difficult to follow. The professional tax regulations are so easy to follow that and not difficult to comply with. The registration procedures can be done quickly and the further proceedings are also much easier.
Be compliant
PT Registration Process helps you in keeping your company actively running and legally compliant with state laws.
Safeguard from paying penalties
Employer and employee are secured from heavy penalties.
Nominal Payables
The taxes deducted as per the state government are nominal and they are structured according to a salary range, hence the burden on taxpayers is nominal.

Documents Required Professional Tax Registration Online

ID proof
A self-attested copy of ID proof of Proprietor/ Partner/ Director
Address Proof
Self-attested copy of address proof of Proprietor/ Partner/ Director. Shop and Establishment Certificate(if any )
3 copy of passport size photograph of the Proprietor/ Partner/ Director
Incorporation Documents
MoA – AoA of Company, Partnership Deed/ LLP Agreement, etc. along with the registration certificate, if any

How can we help?

We at Bhatratregister are ready to assist you whenever you need. Here are some of the ways in which we can help you with Professional Tax Registration online :

Preparing The Application

Can be a confusing task to prepare the application as the terms and formalities can be a bit difficult to comprehend. Our professional tax experts do a proper assessment of the business and prepare a document for tax application with the government of the respective state.

Filling Out The Application Form

Our experts at Bharatregister will then fill the form and submit the duly signed form with the concerned department in the respective city or town.

Registration Process

The submitted application will then be scrutinized in detail by the particular state government. Once found to be proper and perfect, the professional tax registration will be done.

PT Registration Process

The pt registration procedure is very easy. Here are three important points that one needs to know and understand in detail.

Varies According To State

In case you are a business owner and have employees under different states working for you, then you will have to get a pt registration online for all the states. The tax slab rates can vary from one state to another. This can make it a cumbersome task for small-scale industries. Many states in North India do not have professional taxes.

The Frequency Of Filing Returns

The frequency with which one needs to file returns will depend on the state the person resides in. Hence, before filing for a return it is important to know the rules of the state.

The Penalties That Await

Professional tax registration India is applicable to all types of business entities. Professional tax can be calculated on the basis of self-assessment. It mainly depends on the professional or employee’s gross income in the half-yearly stage.

If you are a person who owns a trade or employs staff in your company or is a working professional, then you will have to register at the tax authority of the State’s professional tax department. The employer is also responsible for deducting the professional tax from his/her employee’s salary. The deducted amount shall be paid to the government when the employer files their professional tax return.

Whether you belong to the category of a professional who is also self-employed or you employ people for your business Vakilsearch can help you with Professional tax registration. Our Chartered Accountants and taxation professionals will offer you the right guidance and file the returns on your behalf.

The Maharashtra government, for instance, can levy a penalty of about 10 percent the amount which was delayed. Hence, the more one avoids paying the registration, the more they will have to worry about the penalties.

Complete registration in 3 Easy Steps

1. Answer Quick Questions
  • Pick a Package that best fits your requirements
  • Nearly 10 minutes to fill in our Questionnaire
  • Provide basic details & documents required for registration
  • Make payment through secured payment gateways
2. Experts are Here to Help!
  • Assigned Relationship Manager guiding on how to register  professional tax
  • Preparation of application by experts
  • Submission of application to the concerned department
  • Registration Certificate
3. Ta-da ! You now have a Professional Tax Registration Certificate
  • All it takes is 10-15 working days

Each Indian state prescribes its slab for professional tax. For example: In Maharashtra, if your monthly income is between Rs.7,500 to Rs.10,000, then the professional tax levied is Rs.175. Similarly, for monthly incomes above Rs.10,001, the tax levied is Rs.200 for 11 months and Rs.300 on the 12th month. Finally, when the monthly salary is less than Rs.7500, there is no professional tax imposed.

Every person who is liable to pay professional tax must file returns by December 31st of each year.

Any employer in particular states must deduct taxes from the employees if the salary paid exceeds the minimum slab limit and deposit with the government. That entity is required to get a registration certificate.

One can check their state’s official website to pay the professional tax fee online. The “Professional tax e-payment” page will provide wise step-by-step information on how to pay the fee.

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GST Registration

Importer Exporter Code

Professional Tax Registration

Shop & Establishments Registration

Applicable To

Businesses exceeding prescribed threshold for turnover

All importers and exporters

A business where more than 20 employees are involved

Entities whose employee strength is more than 10

Registration Criteria

If turnover exceeds ₹ 40 Lakh/₹20 lakh for goods/service or entity fall under specified category, registration is mandatory

Any business entity undertaking import/export for business purpose from India

A person earning income from salary or by practicing any profession has to pay the professional tax

All entities need to get registered under shop and establishments at the time of setting up their business

Regulatory body

State and Central Government

Central Government

State Government

Municipal Corporation

Return Filings

Annually, monthly or quarterly based on GSTR type

No return are prescribed to file after registration

It is a separate entity and can own assets in its name

No return are prescribed to file after registration

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