Investment Pitch Deck India

Investment pitch deck India showcases the company’s product and its projected business growth to potential investors, partners, valued patrons and co-founders.

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Business Plan

Business plan is a document that effectively communicates the business and its potential to those that matter. It could be an investor, a bank, a joint venture partner or even a high-profile techie you want to work for your company. It will contain the background of the founding team, the business model, a brief analysis of the market and estimates of financial performance. Such a plan should be formulated even if you’re not looking to raise funding, as the questions it brings up tends to provide a roadmap for the business. Most venture capitalists, private equity firms or banks will ask for a business plan before even giving a second meeting.

Bharatregister has roped in some well-known professionals to prepare business plans with a clear and concise message.

Business Plan Advantages

Convince Those Who Matter

The business plan is where start-ups showcase their potential for success in an easily understandable presentation that bank executives, private equity investors and others would all understand.

Equity Funding

If you’re a techie who is good at building products, but not so good at presenting information in a way that a businessman would understand, you will need a business plan to get your round of funding.

Use our Experience

Bharat Register has tied up with experienced professionals to build your business plan. Their knowledge of what investors are looking for in a business is sure to help you get ahead.

Build the Roadmap

If you’re a techie who is good at building products, but not so good at presenting information in a way that a businessman would understand, you will need a business plan to get your round of funding.

What will the Business Plan Contain?

1. Elevator Pitch

A brief paragraph on the problem you are trying to solve.

2. Solution

The answer to the problem you are trying to solve.

3. Market Analysis

Insights into the market and a dense analysis of the competition

4. Business Model

Where you believe you add value and what customers will end up paying for.

5. Go-To-Market Strategy

How you reach customers and convince them. How, over time, this strategy will evolve.

6. Founding Team

Backgroundr on each founding member and other key players.

FAQs on Investment Pitch Deck India

A pitch deck serves as a brief presentation or document which helps the audience understand, in brief, what your company’s business plan is. It helps your audience and clients understand how your business works, and how it plans to make a profit. It is usually used for physical and online meetings with investors, partners, co-founders, and clients. The basic purpose of a pitch deck is to help your clients understand why they should hire you, and, therefore, they are vital to your business.

  • Self-attested PAN Card
  • Identity Proof of the director
  • Address Proof of the director
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Rent Agreement and NOC from the owner in case the office in a rented complex
  • Sale Deed/Property Deed if the office is in a plot owned by the business
  • Latest Bank Statement
  • Make a plan on how to use funds obtained from investors
  • Keep the basic plan short
  • Always try to present solutions to problems faced by your investors
  • Prove traction to show investors the plan isn’t too risky
  • Practice your pitch
  • Include your entire team in the process
  • Try to include a question and answer session

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