PSARA License

PSARA License is mandatory for carrying out the private security business in India. The license is granted under the Private Securities Agencies (Regulation Act) 2005.

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What is the PSARA license?

The Private Security Agencies Regulation Act (PSARA), 2005 regulates all aspects of the operations related to the private security agency business in India. Under the PSARA Act, if a person wishes to start a security agency business, he needs to get the PSARA license in India. Also, to provide service outside India, permission needs to be obtained from the Controlling Authority, which shall consult the Central Government before according to such permission.

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Documents required for PSARA license

Prerequisite for PSARA license documents required:

While applying for the Private Security Agency Regulation Act, 2005, copies of registration certificates under various other Acts need to be annexed with the PSARA license application form.

  • Allotment of PAN
  • Registration with the service tax department
  • Provident fund (PF) registration
  • Employees State Insurance(ESI) registration
  • Registration of establishment under Shops & Establishment
  • Registration under the Contractual Labour Act

Cost of getting a PSARA license in India

The PSARA license cost in India is as follows-

  • For 1 district in a state — Rs. 5,000/-
  • For 2 -5 districts in a state — Rs. 10,000/-.
  • For the whole state — Rs. 25,000/-.

Please Note:

  • The Government fee for Karnataka is Rs 50,000, for the entire state
  • The payment can be made by cash challan or Demand Draft at designated banks.

Procedure of obtaining a PSARA license in India

The following steps are needed to obtain a PSARA license online in India-

Collecting and uploading necessary documents required for a security agency

Certain documents need to be collected and uploaded for a PSARA license online. Please refer to the following section to know more.

MOU with a recognized training institute

The applicant needs to enter into an MOU with a Govt. recognized training institute for providing training to its supervisors and guards. The applicant must facilitate adequate training for the security guards he engages in. The PSARA has specific qualification and disqualification criteria for the security guards. The applicant must employ qualified supervisors to oversee the work of the security guards. Usually, a person having a minimum of 3 years of experience with the Army of the Navy is given preference for the role of a supervisor.

Police verification

The applicant needs to apply for police verification by filing Form-I. If the applicant is a company, firm, or group of persons, separate forms should be filed for each of the directors or partners.

Filing of application

The PSARA license application form needs to be filed with the PSARA controlling authority. The same will be processed after receiving the NOC from the concerned police authorities only. After due processing, the Authority may grant the PSARA license or reject the application by citing a valid reason.

The application for a PSARA license can be made with the State Govt. for the entire State, for 5 districts, or even for a single state as well. The process of approval is different from one state to another. In general, a period of up to 60 days is required for the grant of the PSARA license.

FAQs on PSARA License

In most of the Indian states, this license is valid for 5 years. However, in Uttarakhand and Chhattisgarh, it is valid only for 1 year.

No. As per the PSARA Act, every Indian state is at liberty to frame its own rules for granting the license.


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