Freelancer Contract India

Freelancer contract or a freelance agreement lays down job requirements, the timeline of the contract, mode of payment, and all other aspects related to working with a Freelancer.

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Freelancer Contract India

Freelance contract or a freelance agreement specifies the job requirements, the timeline of the agreement, the mode and method of payment, as well as other details relevant to the execution of work by the freelancer. Over the years, with the evolution in technology, more and more work is assigned and executed through freelancers. Hence, freelance agreements have become popular, specifically in the IT sector.

Advantages of a Freelancer Agreement India

Minimises Liabilities
A well-defined Freelancer contract will minimize the risk of future lawsuits, as the rights and responsibilities of all involved parties are clearly defined in the freelancer contract.
Assures Confidentiality
If the nature of work requires freelancer, a consultancy contract can be drafted accordingly.

Documents Required Freelancer contract India

Identity Proof
Documents that support the identities (named) of the parties involved in the agreement.
Address Proof
Documents that support the address of the parties involved in the agreement.
Proof of Organization
Documents that support the names of the organizations involved.

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FAQs of a Freelancer Agreement India

20 L per annum income from freelancing for all of India except the North East states where this exemption limit is 10L per annum (In 2020). If your income exceeds this limit you have to register for GST.

  • Achieve organizational goals and objectives
  • Solve management and business problems that arise while running a firm
  • Identify, seize, and utilize new opportunities
  • Enhance the overall learning and training of employees
  • Implement changes whenever required
  • Look for weaknesses in the organization structure and fix it
  • Improve overall productivity by maximizing efficiency


Just like any transaction where services are promised for a price, it is advisable to have a signed contract with all terms and conditions decided beforehand so that there are no disagreements later.

You don’t really need to register your freelance business. At least not when as long as you earn less than 20 lakh rupees per annum. There are advantages to registering yourself as a sole proprietorship at least later on. This is the easiest way to register your business in India.

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